Marriage is Love

Marriage is love.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sorry For Being Neglectful Again

I wanted to take a sec for apologizing for not posting in a while. I've got some new stuff to put on here, and I'll get to that in just a minute. But first, here's why I've been absent.

There were two major factors in my absence: summer classes started up, and my wonderful boyfriend went away for a month.

Over the summer, I'm taking two classes at a local community college to catch up for some failures in passed years. They started up almost 2 weeks ago, and I was kind of blindsided. I've never taken summer classes before, so the sudden slam of classwork and homework from just two classes overwhelmed me. But I'm better now.

Most definitely the bigger problem I've had is my boyfriend leaving for the month of June. He has gone to study abroad in Cyprus for four weeks, and for a while it pretty much killed me. Danny and I have been together 9 months, and we've spent most of that time attached at the hip. Not that I don't like this; I love him more than anything in the world and am so grateful that I've had this time with him--I also have no intention (and neither does he) of ending what we have anytime in the foreseeable future. The problem is that I went from Danny 24/7 to Danny not at all. It caused me a lot pain, stress, and worry.

It's taken a week, but I'm finally recovered from it. It's gotten better progressively over the week, but I think I've reached a plateau. I still worry about him constantly (his safety, mostly) and am constantly jealous of all the people he's having so much fun with, but I keep in daily communication with him and we tell each other that we love and miss each other terribly. I'm counting the days til his return, and each day seems longer than the last.

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