Marriage is Love

Marriage is love.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jane Lynch "C's" Obama as a Disappointment

I can't remember where I first saw her, but I knew when I saw Jane Lynch on Glee (her character, Sue Livester, famous for her news broadcast "How Sue 'C's' It"on the Fox show), she would be a SPECTACULAR addition to the cast. She has once again shown her merit in her comments concerning Obama's performance on the pursuit for gay rights.

The out actress told The Guardian, "Shouldn't there be safeguards against the majority voting on the rights of minority? If people voted on civil rights in the 60s, it would have never happened. It took somebody like [President] Lyndon Johnson going, 'F all of you! I'm going to do this.' Obama won't do it. He's a huge disappointment to me."

Well spoke, Jane. Well spoken. article

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