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Marriage is love.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

U.S. Travel Ban on HIV/AIDS Lifted

President Barack Obama has taken another step in the right direction. He has lifted the travel ban that restricted all HIV/AIDS-positive people from entering the United States, and this relief is a long time coming (22 years!!!).

Finally, loved ones can be reunited and families will never be separated by such a terrible ban as this one ever again. The whole idea of banning people from "the land of the free" because they are ill of a terrible virus is horrid. How could anyone have thought that this was a good idea?

Personally, I have no idea what was going through people's minds at the time. The only reasoning that I could muster is that it would have been for quarantine purposes: keep the virus out to keep it from spreading. However, this is terribly unfair to those suffering from HIV/AIDS. Just because someone has the virus does not mean they are some sort of sexual deviant terrorist set on coming to America and spreading the illness as far and wide as possible. Millions of good, sensible people have tragically contracted the illness, and it is downright discrimination to lock them out.

Fortunately, the government has come to its senses on this issue. No more ranting needed.

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