Marriage is Love

Marriage is love.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Interesting TIME Poll, With Interesting Results

This poll on asks a question that has been a major cornerstone in the argument FOR gay marriage, and i was shocked with the results...sort of.

Who should decide whether a state should permit gay marriage? The courts or the people?

Logically, the courts should decide. period. Majority rights should never be left to majority vote. If so, slavery would've taken years more to be made illegal, especially in the South. Enough said.

Surprisingly, the poll results currently show a favor or 61% for the people and 39% to the courts. I can only explain this with one reason: people are responding to the Prop 8 upholding decision. If people think that all courts are going to rule in the anti-gay direction (even though the ruling was technically over about letting voters overturn amendments, not actually whether gay marriage is legal--people took it that way), then it's good that the results show people don't want the courts making the decision. They'd rather make it themselves.

Hopefully that's what people are thinking.

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