Marriage is Love

Marriage is love.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Comparing the Sides of Money

The fight to keep gay marriage is quickly being left up to the religious folks, as evidenced by their current battle in Maine.

According to current measurements, the anti-gay group, Stand for Marriage Maine, has received $2.6 million in funding. Of that, $1.622 million came from the National Organization for Marriage, a clearly Mormon-influenced organization. Also, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland donated $529,666. These 2 donations account for about 90% of S4MM's funds.

In comparison, No on 1, the organization for gay marriage in Maine, has received funding from several sources: $526,000 from Maine businessman Donald Sussman; $267,589 from the Human Rights Campaign; various celebrity donations as much $10,000. However, unlike Stand for Marriage Maine, the top 10 donors for No on 1 represent less than 40% of its total donations (S4MM was 90%, remember?).

Where would the gay haters be without religion??? They'd have about $127,218 to play with in the fight against gay marriage.

When are people going to learn that religion should be separate from human rights and the government? Both are personal things and should be kept personal.


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