Marriage is Love

Marriage is love.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Video games= Relationship Counselor

This entertaining article from tells the story of a married couple who, as comes with being married, found themselves arguing and fighting over various trials of life. How does this story end? They resolve their problems by joining together to kill flesh-eating zombies and mutants in a newly released video game!

Turn this ^^

Think about it: who doesn't like a good video game? Sure, the term "good" varies from person to person, but the only person you've got to worry about is your partner. If you know what kind of game he/she likes, you're golden. The next time an argument that neither side will win ensues, try to recover by destroying a dastardly enemy in both you and your significant other's favorite video games. Never let the anger simmer; if the problem is a matter of opinion, neither of you will win. It's best to swallow your pride and reconcile over your differences with something both of you can enjoy.

Into this!!! ^^

I know for sure if my boo and I were having a tiff, and he sweetly offered to change the subject with some Dance Dance Revolution for my Wii, my tune would instantaneously flip-flop. Nothing sounds more exciting to me than make-up video games: especially fun, active ones like DDR!

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