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Marriage is love.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Response to a Daily Beacon Letter

Clearly Halloween is happening sometime this week, as evidenced by the plethora of articles and editorials posted by the Daily Beacon today. Oh yeah, the holiday is this Saturday; I'd almost forgot with how busy my weeks are. 4 articles were written today: one about the origins of All Hallow's Eve; one about the terrible fads that have penetrated society; one for making costumes of dead celebrities; one about the need to dress less "slutty" this year.

These articles were hilarious in my opinion, each for its own unique merits. The history of Halloween article, whether knowingly or not, hinted that Christianity is an accommodating religion, changing or altering itself to satisfy the unrest within its captured converts of the past (I'm not here to debate about religion, this is only something I noticed). The terrible fads are terribly true, and I will admit I was planning to dress up as a Twilight Cullen until I saw the price tag of a Cullen family crest leather wrist strap ($20!!!--I made a Peter Pan costume for less than $5 instead). The dead celeb costume article excluded Michael Jackson because of his obvious popularity, and the article was meant to include only celebs that might not be as popular. My favorite was Flora Theden's editorial about dressing less slutty in college for Halloween. She went on a small rant about how girls should not use Halloween as a chance to dress slutty, like in Mean Girls, which I agree with. Get creative, people!

The "Plastics" from Mean Girls

I LOVE Halloween! When I was younger, getting pounds upon pounds of free candy from friends was awesome, and now, having a night where all of my friends try their hardest to look as crazy and creatively random as possible so that we can get together and PARTY for one night is Paradise. Like I said, I'm dressing up as Peter Pan, and NO, I'm not doing it for the chance to wear sexy tights, show off my legs, and fulfill the gay boy stigma of dressing as slutty as possible. Quite the opposite, I would rather cover up the, in my opinion, unsightly body that I have (DON'T even start yelling at me from your computer screen! Odds are, unless you're one of maybe 10 people, you have not seen me without the majority of my clothes on, so you don't know what I look like. Hrmph!). But I'm going to a Disney Halloween party, and Peter Pan seemed like one of the easier/cheaper/still cute costumes for me to make. Maybe I'll post a photo on here after I wear know you'd like to see that.

My costume inspiration

So GO OUT on Halloween, have fun, and wear an yexciting/interesting/creative/original/homemade/non-slutty costume!!!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my article for The Daily Beacon. Love the blog- it's nice to see a creative student from UT contributing informed, progressive thoughts to the blogosphere.

    - Flora Theden