Marriage is Love

Marriage is love.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Response to Daily Beacon Letter

This letter appeared in the Daily Beacon on Tuesday, October 20, 2009, and it's makes some good points.

The anti-abortion people that were on campus recently completely gross me out, and in all the wrong ways. It is totally unnecessary to stand on campus parading around your thoughts and feelings about something in such a drastic manner as they did. It's one thing for a college organization to set up a table to advertise for a cause it's in support of, it is quite another to jump onto the campus lawn with super tall posters advertising something so controversial (in such a disgusting manner, no less--dead baby pictures??? That doesn't make me want to be against abortion; it makes me want to gag and get as far away from those protesters as possible).

As a good standing member of the Lambda Student Union, I know for a fact we would NEVER come onto campus with giant billboards of photos of men making out nude with other men (or women doing the same with other women). It's far too offensive and would never accomplish what we really want, no matter what the goal is.

I really like how the author of the letter turns around the argument of being anti-abortion by saying it would take away the right to choose, which is very true. Women should have the right to choose what they do with their bodies and lives. If a woman wants to go through with a pregnancy for whatever reason, it's her prerogative. If another woman chooses abortion for whatever reason, that too is her decision alone. No one should make that decision for her.

The idea of people trying to control how other people live their lives is quite prevalent in today's society (i.e., people wanting to tell gay people that they can't be married). Why can't people just lay off and mind their own business?

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