Marriage is Love

Marriage is love.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Gay Penguins Book is Wanted for Ban

American families are going off the deep end when they decide to want a book about real animal qualities banned because their religions disagree with what nature entails.

And Tango Makes Three is a book about two male penguins that adopt a baby son, and the book is hailed as anti-religion, anti-family, and pro-gay. I would say it's difficult to argue the pro-gay (since the penguins are technically boys--regardless that penguins have been documented to actually mate with the same sex), but I don't think religion is even mentioned in the book (penguins don't have the mental capacity to create ideas that give them "reasons" to kill each other) nor is family shunned (the whole premise is about the 3 penguins being a family, you stupid people). Once again, we see fear of what's right and good being prosecuted by ignorant and stubborn people.

PinkNews article

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