Marriage is Love

Marriage is love.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Ripple Effect

I was thinking about all the hatred constantly flowing outwards from Christian churches, what with them hating the gays, wanting to ban all these things, and just looking down on everyone, and then i thought of something interesting.

America should let the Christians ban shit. We should. Today. Not ban things from America-----Ban things from themselves.

Think about the marketing concept. 'Christians, if you want America to follow you, you have to set an example. No you can't ban things from America yet, but ban them from yourselves first, and we'll follow you when it all looks good." Logically, this makes perfect sense. Christians could start by banning books they hate, like Harry Potter and little gay penguin books. It'd catch on fast, with all Christians completely stopping the reading of these books. Then they'd expand to other things their bible commands, like eating shell fish and getting haircuts.

Unfortunately, it'd get to a point where people would start to not like the things their religion was banning. They'd think, 'this doesn't seem wrong to me. Why should i not be allowed to do it?' 'But the doctrine calls for it!' 'Well, then, Fuck the doctrine.'

Suddenly, Christianity wouldn't be such a popular religion anymore.

I like this idea. We should tell it to the pope.

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