Marriage is Love

Marriage is love.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Don't Like Religion in General

Okay, if you're sensitive to hearing religious-hater material, I suggest not continuing to read. I'm going to be brutal.

DISCLAIMER: Although it may sound like I will judge you just because you are religious/have a religion, I genuinely try to NOT do that with people I meet. "Let he among us without sin be the first to condemn." I'm not perfect, so why do i have the right to judge you for the same thing? I don't, so i try not to. This is meant to only clarify my opinions on religion and the absurdity that i believe it to represent. I apologize if you don't feel the same way and are hurt by what i say, but to each his own. I believe what i will. You believe what you will, and write about it in your blog.

I'm going to start off with a pretty simple conversation that I believe defines very well my feelings on religion.

Idiot A-"hey, i say that there is a great guy in the sky who is my God."
Idiot B-"nu-uh, there is a great guy in the ground who is my God. He's the right one."
Idiot A-"no he's not. my god is right and yours is wrong."
Idiot B-"how dare you? blasphemer!"
Idiot B pulls out a gun and shoots and kills Idiot A.

Thus, religion is born.

Religion is the single greatest idea man ever had for giving himself reason to kill someone else, quickly followed by politics.

Now of course, this concept of religion massively generalized and stereotypes all religions in general, but I think it's a pretty good starting point. The 'good' reason for having religion is so that people feel comfortable with the idea of death, knowing that they are going to be somewhere after they die. I can understand how a sense of hope is a good thing, otherwise what point is there to life, except to live and die?

Well, i think living is a pretty good reason. There is so much to do out there, and we're only given so much time to do it. Instead of wasting your time following some made-up fairy tale and worrying about following a set of bull shit rules, you should get out there and enjoy while you can. You might not always be able to.

But back to religion. I personally don't know hardly anything about any other religions, except that Islam apparently calls its followers to "Kill the infidels!" i.e. Americans/people who have freedom to do what they like. The only other religion i know anything about is the one that, according to its Bible, hates me just for being the way that i am: Christianity.

Now, the number one thing on my list of why i hate Christianity is actually quite the paradox. On the one hand, i really hate Christianity can be the most popular religion in America, and yet still have so many different divisions and belief systems to it: Catholic, Christian, Protestant, Baptist, Southern-Baptist, Presbyterian, Evangelical, etc. It really urks me that people take this Bible, read it, and then pick and choose what they want to believe. It causes so many unnecessary arguments and differences of opinion, just between Christians, that it almost doesn't seem worth it. But that's the paradox; the freedom of religion allows a person to believe whatever he or she wants to believe, and the Bible fits oh so perfectly into this idea. There are so few straightforward rules in the bible that simply cannot be left up to interpretation that the rest of it is left up to whatever the reader thinks about it. That in and of itself makes the whole thing look like total bullshit. If a God really wanted people to know what he wanted them to, why didn't he just say it? Instead of giving them all this ambiguous bullshit that so many people have died fighting over? Doesn't that seem a little backwards?

Then again, i cant judge about God being backwards? He supports that whole 'faith' idea: the backbone of ignorance. Alright everyone, there is this being see? He's three parts, but actually just one. He doesn't live in the sky, or on earth, or in space. He's in Heaven. And he's watching over all of you. Ok? Now all you have to do is have faith, and it's all true.

That's like saying, just believe that the sky is purple, and it will be so.

These are my biggest problems with religion. The loose structure of the whole thing just blows my mind about how people will stake so much on what was written in a book thousands of years ago. There are so many more things that i could get into about why i think it's all bullshit, but it's not even worth it.

The people i'm trying to reach out to aren't going to listen anyways.

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