Marriage is Love

Marriage is love.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

FABULOUS post -5 super hot dance videos

You know you're FABULOUS make a dance music video lip-singing to a popular song. That's what these 5 groups did, and I absolutely love ALL of them. They're each definitely taking a look at; they all have something special about them.

I LOVE Beyonce, and this video is by far the best remake i've seen of her famous song, Single Ladies. Loves it!

Another beautiful beyonce song, with some excellent dance moves thrown in. Very cool to watch.

"He Wolf." You know what this is gonna be.

This one is just flat out gay (as in hilarious!)

Spice Girls- the boy version! Very adorable


  1. The He-Wolf guy is really talented! It amused me that it was flagged for inappropriate content though. :P

    And I LOVED Spice Boys (naturally, since I practically worship the Spice Girls).

    Thanks for allowing me to put off homework even longer. <3

  2. Glad i could be here for you.

    Yeah, the He Wolf video is the next sensation. The day after i posted it, he was on 3 of the gay sites that i regularly check for how popular his video is. It's like I saw him first...sort of. lol