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Marriage is love.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

My Gay Spanish Presentation

So I gave my presentation about a Gay Pride Parade a couple hours ago (I took so long to get on here cuz I had some other things to do first). It was definitely a very terrifying experience for me, and it's interesting to think about why.

I'm definitely not one to be scared of what other people think of me or how they'll react to me and how I live my life, but for some reason it really worried me today in this class. I'm pretty sure it was for the following reasons: I had no idea how these people felt about gay people; I have to spend the rest of the semester with them, pissing them off isn't a good idea; would the teacher be ok with it?; would I get shot after class? That last was one kinda a joke.

Here's how the class went: teacher welcomes everyone; I present; the class continues. Ugh. I got to start the class off with my presentation, setting the tone for the rest of the class. And to make it even more terrifying, the teacher opened up my presenting by saying (in Spanish, of course), "Class, the first presentation that is being presented today is one that is very controversial. Everyone has their own opinions about it, but I want you all to respect Mitch's opinion and try to be open to it." Fuck. He thinks they're gonna go crazy too. When he asked me if I was ready to go, I could barely say "Si." It squeaked out of my mouth.

I started off the presentation by sheepishly trying to throw some charm at the class. I told them all (in Spanish, don't forget) that i was very nervous, and to excuse me from stuttering. It got some smiles of approval from the girls (it should be noted that most of the class was girls, who tend to be more open-minded--most of the time--so that's a positive), so I was off to a good start.

Looking back, I can't remember what all I said to the class. I know I told them everything that was on my note cards and it was all in Spanish and made sense when I said it, but that's it. It rushed by in a blur. At first I was afraid I was moving to fast, but I remembered that when I had practiced earlier, it seemed like I was going too fast then also, but I was actually wasn't. So i kept up the fast talking (at least it was fast to me) and finished my presentation in good time.

My presentation was about a news article for the paper, El Sol de Zacatecas, back in July of this year. It was a simple article about a gay pride parade held in the town of Jerez, and I elaborated on what happened, what it meant to the community, and what gay pride parades mean in general to the world. At least my thought process was well-written.

Drag queens (reinas) from the parade in Jerez

The response from the class after seemed positive enough. People actually answered the questions I asked of the class, which is a major plus. I would get smiles and nods of agreement when I would say things, so at least part of the class was on my side. And the after discussion led by the teacher about my article was very well-responded to and it was all positive. Success!

I hope no one holds being gay against me after this.

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